Macramé Roof Plant Holder




Size= Length 36 inch

Primary Material= Cotton yarn 4mm
Origin= India.

Description= Minimalistic yet complex, this skilled piece of Macramé art is great to adorn around your living room! it will instantly change look of the place. you can hang either artificial or original plants. It has tassels and fringes to add to the drama. This handwoven Macramé Plant Holder is completely handmade. Its a unique and elegant design make it a great eye catcher to be placed in any room of your home.

Great price but good quality awesome gift for Boho style lover enjoy this incredible plant holder. This plant holder is very good in quality and fully tested product.

Maintenance= You can just use the blow dryer to blow the dust regular instead of washing it with water for normal maintenance. If you have to wash the product please wash it with soft hand and pay attention not to rub it. Use mild detergent for better life of the product. After washing, let this dry in shade.


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